Dynamic Architecture is . . .

“Dynamic Architecture”: Architecture that blends building elements, human physiology needs and nature sciences to provide healthy, enlivened, high functioning “people environments”.  This is expressed metaphorically by a sailing yacht.

A sailing yacht captures natures energy to power living.  The sails and rudder reconfigure as the winds change.  Human’s experience a forward progression and a symbiotic emersion in life.  (This juxtaposed to a motorboat that roars, belching fumes, is dead in the water if a power failure, largely sequestered from nature.)

Dynamic Architecture blends:

  1. Transforming building modules; examples:
    • RIO (Room Inside Outside)
    • WT ( Wall Transformer)
    • KIO (Kitchen Inside Outside)
    • Soft walls.
    • NIO (Bath: Naked Inside Outside)
    • KT (Kitchen Transformer)
    • Assembly building construction.
    • TSH (transformer Small Home, WT, soft walls combo)
    • TOI (RIO, KIO combo.)


2. Human physiology needs:

    • Fresh air.
    • Sun light.
    • Open space phenomenon
    • Spaces that serve multiple human living functions.
    • Essentials of a habitat.
    • Safety and security.
    • Shelter from harsh weather elements.
    • Exposure to healthy nature conditions.
    • Inspiration
    • Environmentally responsible or even independence.


  1. Natural Science examples:
    • Dynamics of air for power, flow or purification.
    • Conduction or lack of conduction of materials.
    • Reflectivity, directing or absorbance of surfaces.
    • Water sciences for purposes such as temperature storage, energy production by movement, purification, exercise element.
    • Sun for energy, purification, visibility.
    • Gravity and scale of object, use of or neutralizing.
    • Biological phenomenon: aquaponics, life of material, waste management.