Harmony Sails – Showcase Home

Architecture will never look the same.   Architecture without walls.

Harmony Sails, Designs by Rex, is an ongoing lab of experimentation; it may never be complete (see video at bottom which shows future phases.)   It is a showroom, meeting, lecturing space, event space, movie set.

“Harmony Sails” is filled with “transforming architecture” experiences. This home reconfigures to become many places,  many functionalities, many ambiences. The living room goes outdoors on command, the kitchen goes outdoors. A home theater moves to three location. Walls sweep out to capture a large outdoor space and create a sheltered microclimate. This maybe the most indoor-outdoor home in the world. Harmony is in unison with the natural surroundings, opening to cooling, fresh breezes, absorbing the suns heat when appropriate, closing down to shed bad weather like a living organism.

Wide 4
FH gardens 44
Front entrance toward kitchen
Wide 1
View from loft to west
The Point 1
FH from wash 22

“Harmony Sails” is an ongoing work of art and “lab of transforming sciences.”  Like a living organism, it can open up to the sun, refreshing breezes or can shelter away too much heat, blasting winds.  It can reshape to provide a variety of people spaces and uses.  See video that shows next phases. >