Panorama Pass – A Community Defined by Your Imagination

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Fantastical "Panorama Pass" is home of "Dynamic Architecture", "Symbio Designs" and a world of play with "the Pass Attractions."  It is said that the boundaries of "Panorama Pass" are defined by your imagination.

"Panorama Pass" provides experiences and attractions connecting with nature, healthy living, world class architecture, new friendships, real estate investments and vacation villages. Horseback riding, architecture tours, disk golf, swimming, yoga, water aerobics, “Loop Trail” hikes, advanced hike  . . . more.

"Panorama Pass" is in the high desert, surrounded by the National Monument.  It has a year around climate, unlike the low desert, the summers for many is the best season of the year.  It is at "the center of the Southern California Desert" close to everything; 20 minutes to Joshua Tree, 20 minutes to Palm Springs and 100 minutes to Los Angeles. See more about "Panorama Pass."

Come stay with us at a vacation village to "get away from it all", play, talk architecture, meaning of life, next 5 year goals . . . all topics we do around the campfire.