Desert Panorama – Glide out into the Desert

Designs by Rex: An outrageous quality of life, desert home . . . a world generally only available to the very wealthy.

Architecture that amazes and delights the senses is generally the playland of the wealthy.  The Desert Panorama home changes the balance of power.

  • The video show the RiO (Room Inside Outside) gliding the living room outdoors at your voice command. Quiet literally, a large “creature comfort” space of your home, like a magic carpet, flows out into the wide-open panoramas of the desert.
    • Imagine sitting with friends having refreshments, the sun gets lower in the sky, the hills glowing from the evening sun, a light breeze of the pure desert air kicks up and you glide your party out into the desert. The sky above, the inspiring desert vistas are all around you.  You breathe the healing air of the desert.  This is natural social distancing.
    • A while later, the air cooling, the party is transported back into the home to have dinner with your command of “TOi home”.
    • After dinner, you are again transported out to watch the dark skies and streaking meteors. Light a heat lamp and stay out as long as you like.
  • The kitchen has another Dynamic Architecture component, a KiO (Kitchen  Inside Outside.) As seen in the video, a large section of the kitchen moves to 3 positions:
    • The first location is inside where it is used as a traditional part of the kitchen, allowing for plenty of work area for the serious chief . . . as well as the less serious!
    • The second position is moved to the outdoors.
      • This allows for refreshments or the meal to be swung outdoors where it is more convenient for serving.
      • When everyone is done with the meal, just rotate the KiO back for easier clean up (less work to bring things back into the home!).
    • The third position is to take the KOi into the bedroom. How often have you wished you could easily bring breakfast to the bedroom?  What a great way to start the day looking out at the desert with coffee in bed.

This Dynamic Architecture Home that can be built for you by Symbiotic Designs.  There are various style, 1-5 bedrooms/office.

* Other “deep thoughts” to ponder in the world of TOis and KOis: 

  • If the living room is transported to the outdoors, your home expanded out into the desert . . . is the house now larger, i.e. is this now a home of more square footage?  If a “living room” sitting in the desert . . . still a living room . . . or is it living stage?
  • How much more valuable is dynamic square footage that can be relocated to another location on your property? 50% more valuable, 100% . . . priceless?
  • If the KOi goes from (1) the kitchen, to (2) the outdoors, to (3) the bedroom, does this mean you have a full kitchen AND an outdoor serving area AND a breakfast bar in the bedroom. Or if it’s the same “piece of architecture” moving to three locations . . .maybe this is about less being more.  What is the dollar value of being less and getting more . . . 3 times or is it more then 3 times because it’s not in the way 3 times?