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Architecture you only imagined . . .

Architecture you only imagined . . .

This architecture is like a sailing yacht, your home is like a motor boat.

Architecture Without Boundaries

Architecture Without Boundaries

Living boundaries reshape to create other architecture. One space is many spaces. Nature comingles.

The most indoor outdoor homes in the world . . .

The most indoor outdoor homes in the world . . .

Most architecture has hard boundaries with the outside locked out from the inside. This architecture moves easily from the inside to the outside.

Dynamic Architecture

"Live outrageously in environments that continually transform"... Designs by Rex

Homes that harmonize with the forces of nature, “sail.” Existing homes are like a motorboat.  They force the environment to bend to human’s immediate cravings. Motoring . . . push the gas pedal and the boat roars and smokes to anywhere at great speeds . . . until it runs out of fuel.

With the tools of Dynamic Architecture, it is possible to live in an environment that's more like a sailing yacht . . . embracing nature, creates its own energy, reshapes to provide other roles and ambiences.

Dynamic Architecture provides a spectacular quality of life, based on good designs, not dollars.

  • creates new spatial functions and experiences,
  • does more with less,
  • brings the outside in, takes the inside out,
  • leverages the energies of nature,
  • provides a healthier living style, enhances connectivity with nature - the warmth of the sun, fresh breezes, profound engagement with your surroundings.

The existing inventory of the world’s architecture is antiquated.  It wastes resources and lacks vitality and functionality as it is fixed, unable to transform from moment to moment. Dynamic Architecture moves to formulate spectacular lifestyles and multiple purposes.  Get ready to change.