Male Female Energies

A gift to humankind – an energy independent home – and outrageous quality of life.

The video is a link to a GeoTec Home  

This is about a SAILING Life Style and is energy independent in 2/3’s of the populated world.

Note: MOTORING Life Styles force the environment to bend to a human’s immediate cravings.  SAILING Life Styles are a manner of living that harmonizes with the forces of nature.   Motoring . . . push the gas pedal and the speedboat roars and smokes to anywhere at great speeds . . . until it runs out of fuel.  Sailing . . . works with the forces of nature to glide at speeds of nature . . . no fuel necessary.

The video explains the operation of the GeoTec Home (or community center) that is:

  1. An energy machine requiring no outside energy source.
  2. Is more like a sailing yacht . . . whereas the home you live in is more like a motorboat.
  3. Transforming architecture” providing an outrageous quality of life not possible with static architecture.
  4. Is a gut punch to climate change.
  5. The GeoTec an open source architecture for all of mankind to use.
  6. An architecture invention whose drawings and proprietary technology are available to everyone at no charge.

If you would like to build this home, FutureSpace Corp will supply information to help you build it.  Contact to learn more about getting information to build the GeoTec.  The only requirement is that you get written permission to use the plans and concepts.


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